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Æ Read ✓ The Neighborhood Project by David Sloan Wilson ↠´ Subtitle Using Evolution to Improve My City, One Block at a TimeThis book is based on a single premise, which is that a knowledge of evolution in particular, multi level evolution, the sort of thing which happens at the gene level, the organism level, and the species level simultaneously can be used to help with problems in human society In other words, that understanding evolution can help you understand your neighborhood It s an appealing premise.
Unfortunately, I can t say that this book really delivers It is apparent that Wilson knows a lot about evolution in what we conventionally call biology He introduces us to intricate details about the water strider, the wasp, and the human immune system both a product of evolution and an evolving system, itself.
He also introduces us to other fi Have you ever looked at a group, or a city as an organisms You may after reading this.
This eminently readable book is at once the story of a single initiative The Binghamton Neighborhood Project which is using evolutionary science to improve that city s quality of life More profoundly, it s a survey of the state of that science as it is being applied to social and economic problems throughout the country As such, it s also an excellent primer in applied evolutionary science This is an excellent resource for community organizers and anyone interested in making the place where they live intoof a community.
This was a recommended book from the bibliography and notes in the back of No Impact Man Although at times the writing got a bit bogged down, there were manyinteresting parts that held my attention I enjoyed the chapters on the water striders and wasps, and how his team designed the different data surveys for the Binghamton Project I also liked how he gave a mini bio on each person that plays a role in the Project My least favorite chapter was about the relating of evolution to religion it got confusing at times for me, and I wasn t inspired to go backthan once and figure my way through Which I was surprised by, seeing as how I ve taught religion and been closely related to religion and education for a number of years Overall, I liked the book, impressive enough to rack up a whole week s worth of overd I enjoyed this book It is entertaining especially for those with a background in science The author takes an interesting approach to conducting research for the book I recommend this book.
Understanding, in a time of confusion, improves the human condition I want to thank Dr Wilson for taking the time to reseach and pen this work We should indeed avoid our bad habit of regarding ourselves asintelligent, cultural, and moral in every way, so that we may recognize the most important and interesting differences among people arise when the mental modules that we share in common are triggered by different environmental stimuli.

Intriguing frame for conscious evolution Interesting to consider what circumstances catalyze people to make choices that benefit the whole, rather than just their own interests I liked reading about the work he has done with the school, and I particularly liked his two Ant Commandments 1 To defy the authority of empirical evidence is to disqualify oneself as someone worthy of critical engagement in a dialogue 2 If you re undermining the commons, then you re degrading your soul.
How we move ourselves toward operatingfor the common good seems worth study This book had some interesting insights and ideas, but it was just far too rambling and incoherent, and spent too much time talking about inconsequential parts of the author s career in ways that seemed like bragging.
I wasn t too impressed As a biologist I have always been leery of sociological studies If you get large enough groups of people and find ways to identify and control some variables, you might be able to get reproducible results But I am not often convinced At least the author, David Sloan Wilson, make a persuasive argument that our societies might have an evolutionary basis in that people who are members of successful societies have a better chance of surviving and reproducing And that societies are a genetic system of rapid response to changing conditions that the hard wired genome cannot move fast enough to keep up with There is a lot of interesting information in the book I like his deconstruction of the history of economics It certainly explains a lot I definitely agree with him that we should use the synergy of multiple disciplines to examine After Decades Studying Creatures Great And Small, Evolutionary Biologist David Sloan Wilson Had An Epiphany Darwin S Theory Won T Fully Prove Itself Until It Improves The Quality Of Human Life In A Practical Sense And What Better Place To Begin Than His Hometown Of Binghamton, New York Making A Difference In His Own City Would Provide A Model For Cities Everywhere, Which Have Become The Habitat For Over Half Of The People On Earth Inspired To Become An Agent Of Change, Wilson Descended On Binghamton With A Scientist S Eye And Looked At Its Toughest Questions, Such As How To Empower Neighborhoods And How Best To Teach Our Children He Combined The Latest Research Methods From Experimental Economics With Studies Of Holiday Decorations And Garage Sales Drawing Upon Examples From Nature As Diverse As Water Striders, Wasps, And Crows, Wilson S Scientific Odyssey Took Him Around The World, From A Cave In Southern Africa That Preserved The Dawn Of Human Culture To The Vatican In Rome Along The Way, He Spoke With Dozens Of Fellow Scientists, Whose Stories He Relates Along With His OwnWilson S Remarkable Findings Help Us To Understand How We Must Become Wise Managers Of Evolutionary Processes To Accomplish Positive Change At All Scales, From Effective Therapies For Individuals, To Empowering Neighborhoods, To Regulating The Worldwide Economy With An Ambitious Scope That Spans Biology, Sociology, Religion, And Economics, The Neighborhood Project Is A Memoir, A Practical Handbook For Improving The Quality Of Life, And An Exploration Of The Big Questions Long Pondered By Religious Sages, Philosophers, And Storytellers Approaching The Same Questions From An Evolutionary Perspective Shows, As Never Before, How Places Define Us

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