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[ Read Online Horrors! 365 Scary Stories á planetary-romance PDF ] by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz ☆ As friends on Goodreads know, I ve been organizing events at local cafes for several years, events ranging from puppet shows to music, from academic lectures to readings I picked this book up at a recent night devoted to horror fiction, Martin Mundt, my favorite horror writer, having included it on the literature table at a discounted price The gimmick to this collection is that it has a story, usually of one to three pages, for each night of the year Lacking that kind of patience, I went through the thing in a few weeks and, not having followed the prescribed regime, may be accused of misappropriating its contents In any case, several stories a night didn t work for me and maybe one a night, especially if read aloud, might have worked better There are a lot of writers here, many of them with multiple submissions, Marty, for instance, I love this book because it is a horror genre and I love horror and I always loved how the stories ended in either a cliff hanger or a scary jump scare and a lot of these stories were great I recommend to anyone who likes horror thriller and is in for a good spook Although the stories are not very scary a lot of times, they are extremely creative Each story only gets 2 or 3 pages tops, so the authors have to try to tell a story in that amount of space or less It is a collective of many different authors.

I m gonna read one story per day.
This book took me about ten years to get through I always pick it up thinking I ll finish it, or at least bite off a big chunk, but it just doesn t happen Out of the 365 2 page stories in this book, I marked about 15 that I would go back and read again Really a dreadful waste of time.
A horror story for every day of the week It s like Christmas every day or Halloween 365 Scary Stories does something most writers fearthan anything It makes them tell a complete story in less than three pages That s right none of these stories will take youthan a few minutes to read And they are all mostly well done Just like any other collection of short stories, there is never really one that can be called a favorite, but some of the better ones are super short just a few sentences long That is really the beauty of this book However, some of the stories fall a little short on the spooks, opting forhumor, but none of them are truly terrible This is a simple of case of good writers writing good stories Enjoy this at Halloween parites by taking turns reading from it, or just horad it all for yourself.
One of the best collections of short horror stories, with the highlight being For Your Immediate Attention Scary as hell.
The Horror Short Short Isn T Easy To Master, But ThanOf The Genre S Critically Acclaimed Authors Hottest Up Comers Have Taken A Stab At It In HorrorsScary Stories, An Anthology That Contains A Short Tale For Every Day Of The Year Steve Rasnic Tem, Wm F Nolan, Tom Piccirilli, Yvonne Navarro, Peter Atkins, Brian Hodge, Martin MundtOthers Give You Short, Sharp Shocks Who Got The Most Slots The Final ScorecardBrian McNaughton Tim Waggoner Benjamin Adams, Wm Marden David Niall Wilson, DonD Ammassa, Linda J Dunn, Steve Rasnic Tem Adam Troy Castro, Del Stone Jr, John Gregory Betancourt, Phyllis Eisenstein, Tom Piccirilli Adam Niswander, Brian Hodge, Hugh B Cave, John B Rosenmann, Peter Atkins, Terry Campbell Don Webb, Gary Jonas, Lawrence Schimel, Lisa Lepovetsky, Lisa Morton, Wayne Allen Sallee, Yvonne Navarro, Scott M Brents Martin Mundt, David Annandale, Donald R Burleson, Greg McElhatton, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Joe Meno, Judith Post, Juleen Brantingham, Lawrence C Connolly, Michael Mardis, Michael Scott Bricker, Nancy Kilpatrick, Richard Gilliam, S May Amarinth, Scott David Aniolowski, Stephen Dedman, Tina L Jens Andrew Sands, Blythe Ayne, Brian A Hopkins, Brian Craig, Brian Stableford, Dawn Dunn, Francis Amery, Gordon Linzner, Greg Van Eekhout, James Robert Smith, Joel S Ross, John Maclay, Kay Reynolds, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Lillian Csernica, Kevin Shadle, Larry Segriff, Lawrence Greenberg, Lisa John Bothell, Lisa S Silverthorne, Lois H Gresh, Mark Hannah, Michael Gillis, Michael Grisi, Randy Miller, Robert Devereaux, Scott Edelman, Steve Eller, Thomas M Sipos these stories are pretty disturbing i like them.
but they re kinda short.
Given to my be my sister to read.
You have to be prepared for some strange and creepy stories They are short there is a story for each day of the year If you like horror, this is a read for you.

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