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[David Wilson] ☆ Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Edinburgh Haunting [science PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ô A fast read Interesting enough if you are Sherlock fan Could have kept the timeline with the canon better but as it satisfies my need for new Holmes cases, one cannot complaint.
I found the storyline to be very interesting and some of the things that characters have to think about are some the things that I find myself thinking about The advice given to these characters were something that I needed to hear at this time, so I m grateful for the chance to read them.
The downside to this story was the way it was presented There were numerous times when there was a comma used instead of a period, open ended quotes making it hard for me to distinguish between action and dialog , paragraphs that started at the beginning of the line instead of being indented which made it hard to determine one paragraph from another , and other grammatical errors This needs to be thoroughly proofread for similar errors for the next reprint of this book I think this will help in telling the story that it is intending to tell a lot better.
Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Edinburgh Haunting by David WilsonThis adventure takes place between Holmes and Watson being introduced and Watson s marriage and returning to medical practice at the end of The Sign of the Four.
Watson has been invited to Edinburgh by his cousin Patrick Watson, who is also a medical man and attached to the University of Edinburgh as a colleague of Doctor Joseph Bell Holmes is invited along on the trip, and since he admires Doctor Bell he agrees to go, as he has no cases at the moment.
When they arrive in Edinburgh, Dr Patrick Watson gives them a carriage ride around the city They pass a house where the police are prominent and a hearse is waiting in the yard Holmes asks to stop, and a casket is brought out an placed into th

I really enjoyed this book It is very well written with a perfect Watson POV, a great mystery with maybe too many dead bodies and I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the various characters and the different realtionships There are two small points though that make me not give the book full marks though you can read the rating as 4,5.
First, in the middle of the book the POV switches from Watson to third person While that part was very well written too and I certainly understand the need for it otherwise a lot of things might haven been impossible to explain with Holmes going off alone and Watson in another part of the city it took away some of the flow I also missed Watson s descriptions, feelings etc.
The second point is also rather small but it still nettled me a little while reading The book is set in 1882 so Holmes is 28 when you ac Not bad Worth a read.
I found Wilson s portrayal of Holmes superb I think he really captured the character amazingly well from his mannerisms, lines, relationship with Watson, etc Many Sherlockians might be perturbed by the third person narration, but quite honestly, it didn t bother me I found the plot a bit too basic, but, even the original Doyle himself didn t have a hit with every single Holmes story so, I won t hold it against Wilson Would definitely recommend to those seeking a well written pastiche.
In March , When John Watson Is Invited To Edinburgh To Visit His Cousin, The Eminent Dr Patrick Watson, He Convinces Holmes To Accompany Him On What He Believes Will Be A Relaxing Holiday But Where Sherlock Holmes Tends To Go, Then Surely A Crime Must Be DetectedWhat Begins As A Chance Encounter Of A Seemingly Simple Mystery At An Edinburgh Home, Soon Takes Holmes And Watson In To Conflict With The Edinburgh Police, An Investigation Involving Murder And Corruption, And Crossing Paths With The Local Populace Including Dr Joseph Bell As Holmes Works Closely With A Young Edinburgh Constable On The Case, It Causes Watson To Question Not Only His Own Position, But His Very Relationship With Sherlock Holmes

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