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[ Read Online October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween ê race PDF ] by Richard Chizmar ê This would ve been a solid 3 star book some good stories, some so so stories, and it even includes the phenomenal Pork Pie Hat by Peter Straub But a lot of the favorite Halloween memory chapters feel like filler, as do the movie reviews and overview of other stories that aren t in the collection I m also taking one star off for the transparent and unsubtle anti abortion propaganda that is F Paul Wilson s shitty story.
October Dreams is very creative and exciting, a book full of the strange and the supernatural, with stories from all kinds of different authors.
Classic Novellas, Never Before Published Stories, Essays On The History, Literature, And Films Of Halloween, And Real Life Memories Of October St From Today S Best Practitioners Of Fear Dean Koontz Peter Straub Poppy Z Brite Rick Hautala Steve Rasnic Tem Elizabeth Engstrom Thomas Ligotti Gary A Braunbeck Jack Ketchum Thomas F Monteleone Hugh B Cave Simon Clark Christopher Golden Ray Bradbury Jack Ketchum Alan M Clark Gahan Wilson Paula Guran John Shirley Tom Piccirilli Jack Cady David B Silva Robert Morrish William F Nolan Michael Cadnum Richard Laymon Douglas Clegg Douglas E Winter Stanley Wiater Caitl N R Kiernan Lewis Shiner Yvonne Navarro Tim Lebbon Kim Newman F Paul Wilson Owl Goingback Dennis Etchison Stephen Mark Rainey Charles L Grant Kelly Laymon Dominick Cancilla Kristine Kathryn Rusch Michael Marshall Smith Wayne Allen Sallee Ramsey Campbell Ed Gorman Stefan Dziemianowicz Peter Crowther I don t celebrate this holiday but was most curious to read the stories entitled My Favorite Halloween Memory in which a number of authors share memories from childhood, and tell us how that impacted, in some cases, their careers as writers As an aspiring screenwriter along with millions of others I think discussions of this sort are fascinating to me But also here one can read a history of Halloween, find a list of Halloween themed films yes, The Ghost and Mr Chicken , with a sensational performance by Don Knotts, is listed , and review an extensive list of suggested, similarly themed novels The short stories surely have something for everyone I liked best Yesterday s Child in which an adult who has lost his way in life regains his early self confidence, his early dreams And The Circle by Lewis Shiner is fun creepy with a great twixt ending But many of these stories are rel I enjoyed the favorite Halloween memories better than most of the shorts.
a great book to read this time of year So so collection of mostly forgettable horror tales The best stories Dean Koontz s The Black Pumpkin , Masks by Douglas E Winter I had already read in other anthologies Sprinkled throughout the book are favorite Halloween memories by various authors Meh Rereading snippets of this book for the season reminded me how solid and informative an anthology collection can be The jewels in this book are various authors recollections of their personal Halloween stories, in addition to many great horror tales Highly recommended, whether this edition or the later reprint editions not put out by Cemetery Dance.
One of the absolute best Halloween anthologies out there Volume II is very good as well, if you can find it It s horrifically rare and expensive.

A Celebration of Halloween edited by Richard Chizmar Robert Morrish is a collection of new and previously published short stories, novellas and true life memories taking place on Halloween Included is a brief and interesting history of Halloween and guides to Halloween film and fiction all written by some of my favorite horror and dark fantasy writers.
I ve been working at this one for over a month and not due to disinterest either This sucker is HUGE and its anthology format makes it the perfect book to pick up and put down whenever the mood strikes I feared I d overdose on Halloween stories if I read a big chunk of it in one sitting so I ve been savoring it Fortunately the stories were, for the most part, strikingly different Since the list of stories alone is three pages long a blow by blow synopsis of them by This is a huge anthology celebrating the spookiest night of the year.
Halloween I really wanted to love this collection , but a lot of the stories just aren t that memorable Still, it s worth the effort to pick and choose.

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