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As the title implies, Character Above All: Ten Presidents from FDR to George Bush is a collection of biographial essays on each of the 10 presidents from FDR to George H.
Bush (Bush 41) by 10 different authors who are either expert historians or knew the President while in office.
The thing that ties them all together is that each essay is supposed to look at each man as president and find that one part of his character that made him the type of president he was.
Each essay is about 30 pages and it makes for interesting reading.

A good sample would come from Doris Kearns Goodwin's look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
She asserts that the most valuable component of his personality was his selfconfidence.
I thought this quote from FDR makes the point wonderfully: "I'll tel This book has its ups and downs in regards to each of the essays.
Reagan’s and Ford’s were by far my favorites but each one of the essays came with if not newfound information, very interesting perspectives.
This books is totally worth reading, it inspires and it teaches.
A book about great men painting them in the color scheme of character and strength.
They don’t make em like Ronnie or Ike anymore but this book proves that maybe they should.
Bought this to see Peggy Noonan's take on Reagan.
Discovered a great deal of political and character insights on the 10 presidents, all of which had many redeeming characters as well as flaws.
It is a quick read and not just interesting, but it puts together the pieces for me of the why in some of the political decisions that were made and election strategies.
Probably the most intriguing political resume that I have ever come across.
If I could, I'd rate this about 3.
This is a book of essays by 10 different authorsone for each of the presidents FDR through GHWB.
Most of the essays are about 20 pages long, some a bit longer.
I have done quite a lot of reading about US Presidents, so not much of this was new to me.
It provides a good overview, set in historical context, for people who might not be greatly invested in the topic but want a basic framework.
It was written in 1995, so there are a few places where it's a bit dated(particularly in discussing the later presidents).
This book doesn't live up to the promise of its premise: have 10 noted historians/writers examine how the Administrations of FDR through Bush I were above all shaped by each President's character.

Several of the historians included in this book (Goodwin, Reeves, Dallek, McCollough) had already produced fullblown books on the Presidents they address again here.
Not surprisingly, these brief essays don't provide new information or insight on their subjects.
Also, each essay stands alone.
Although they ostensibly are linked by a common theme, each author's approach is different and no attempt is made to compare or contrast any of the Presidents with another or tie the essays themselves together.

Still, it's a quick, breezy though superficial read that would be of interest to those seeking a driveby assessment of the personal qualities of these 10 Pres In every collection of essays or short stories, there are highs and lows.
Each essay is actually quite interesting, but only a few shed any new light or make you think about a president in a new way.
James Cannon's essay on Gerald Ford was one of these, as was Hendrik Hertzberg's essay on Jimmy Carter.
Goodwin and McCullough both write good essays, but are essentially just very boiled down versions of their much longer, better books.
Peggy Noonan's essay on Reagan is laughably laudatory; I think we'll all be dead and gone before a truly unbiased portrait of Ronald Reagan emerges.
I read 7 of the 10 essays in this book, skipping essays on the 3 presidents that least interest me.
(I'll let you decide which ones those were for yourselves.
) I never felt like I was reading a history book or a series of writings about leadership, in the ways that those genres can seem tired and overdone.
The essays were full of insightful stories and commentary that made the book easy to pick up but not so riveting that I couldn't put it down.
This book uses 10 authors to write about ten presidents.
Even though it is suppose to be about the character of the presidents some of the authors do not focus on that topic.
My favorite of the writings was by James Cannon who wrote on President Gerald Ford Cannon seemed to give an honest assessment of Ford and his writing was easy to read, follow and was very interesting.
Of course, I love Ronald Reagan and Peggy Noonan (the author who wrote about him).
Noonan did a good job but I did not find any new info about Reagan.
This may be because I have read so much on Reagan.
If you enjoy learning more about our American Presidents I would recommend this book! I "borrowed" this book from my mother.
It is a fine summary of the character of some of the recent presidents by contemporary historians.
Check it out from the librarya quick, enlightening volume.

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